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Cisco’s SmartGrid Strategy

Cisco sees a $20 billion opportunity in the smart grid, and wants to deliver products and services that span the grid, from home and business energy management to a secure, IP-based network to control substations and distributed energy resources, says Earth2Tech.

Earth2Tech asked Cisco’s senior vice president of smart grid, Laura Ipsen, to explain the company’s view:

Q) Cisco said it planned to bring smart grid devices to market early this year, but we haven’t seen much yet. What can we expect from Cisco, and when, in terms of announcements across its smart grid target areas?

A) We’re pretty excited about how we’re going after this market. We have a build-by-partner model, and I think you’ll see some things soon. We have an engineering team coming out with product you’ll see coming out in late summer or early fall that we’re testing with customers now.

More here.

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