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Trilliant Launches Platform, Partners for Home Invasions

Trilliant has launched a home energy platform and established relationships with 16 home energy device partners, claiming that every single one of them will be able to run their devices on Trilliant’s network right out of the box. These are common claims in the smart grid industry, but Trilliant may have a chance to try them out earlier than most.

That’s because the Redwood City, Calif.-based smart grid networking company has two key utility customers in the vanguard of connecting their smart grid systems to home energy sensors and controls.

The first is Hydro One, one of the biggest utilities in Ontario, Canada, where the provincial government has mandated that every residential customer be moved to time-of-use electricity rates that change throughout the day and have some kind of technology to be able to plan for and react to that use.

The second is British Gas in the U.K., where national mandates will require utilities to roll out millions of smart meters amidst a deregulated power market where customers have the option to change their retail electricity provider every month — a potential nightmare for meter vendors, but a gold mine for proving whether a company’s “interoperable” and “plug-and-play” system really lives up to those monikers.

Trilliant named 16 partners for its new “Consumer Engagement Solution” platform, including some well-known home energy startups such Ambient Devices, Aztech, Digi International, Ecobee, Energate, Energy Aware, MMB Research, Radio Thermostat Co. of America and Tendril, among others. While it didn’t announce any utility customers, Rob Conant, Trilliant’s chief marketing officer, noted that Hydro One and British Gas did operate in “unique regulatory environments” that could make Trilliant’s offer more tempting.

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