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Featured interview with GreenPocket CEO, Dr. Thomas Goette

Featured interview with Dr. Thomas Goette, a recognized specialist on the Smart Energy Market invited to speak at both the Metering Europe and the concurrent Smart Homes event. He is the CEO of GreenPocket, a software provider for the interpretation and visualization of smart metering energy consumption data.

1) GreenPocket’s unique technology combines software intelligence with intuitive visual display. Could you tell us more about your innovative approach to the interpretation of smart metering data?

Our software helps users to easily understand and control their energy consumption and behavior. For this purpose, the software matches the energy data with geographical, statistical and user-related data. As a result, the user is provided with clear and comprehendible diagrams, analogies and predictions. Basically GreenPocket reduces the complexity of the smart grid on the consumer side and provides them with intuitive and attractive smart meter and smart home software.

2) GreenPocket currently focuses on both domestic and commercial business customers. What is the best way to become a GreenPocket customer and what is the typical return on investment time?

We sell our products as software-as-a-service to utility companies that forward our products to their residential and business customers. Due to a clear B2B-approach, people who are interested in using GreenPocket products have to ask their energy provider, if it has implemented our software. As studies show, households can save up to 10% of their annual energy consumption by using software comparable to ours, businesses up to 20 %.

3) Could you tell us how you differentiate your technology from the competition?

We are convinced that smart metering develops its full potential by adding further home automation systems and tools. On the one hand, people want a transparent overview of their energy consumption and behavior, on the other hand, they want to control individual electronic devices and areas in their home. Our technology integrates both, smart metering and smart home, to provide the best service for the user.

4) GreenPocket will be present at Metering Europe 2012 on October 9-11 in Amsterdam. Could you tell us more about your technology showcase, and tell us where to find you?

You can find us at booth D50, where we are going to present our latest state-of-the-art smart home solution with integrated smart metering.

You can find more information on the company website: http://www.greenpocket.de/en/

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