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Only “Evil Radios” Have Products

Bluetooth Evangelist Nick Hunn posted “Zigbee and the evil Radio “, analyzing the competition between Bluetooth Low Energy (BT LE) and Zigbee for the crown of low power wireless standard. Not agreeing on all his points, I admitted he did point out the reality in front of BT LE and Zigbee.

Nick indicated that BT LE will easily reach the critical mass because the volume of cell phone deployment, which is enough to support the economics required by the semiconductor suppliers. “So whether or not the smart energy or Continua Alliance supports it, Bluetooth low energy will gain market traction”.

Nick’s post was online Mar 27, exactly the same day of the Continua Technical Working Group meeting when each of the technology rivals presented their self-scores. The “evil radios” here refers to those proprietary-based solutions such as Z-Wave, ANT etc. If we count the technology contenders for Continua Health Alliance, this list should also include BodyLAN and Sensium.

I had some concerns of this Barcelona summit (see my blog “can we have hopes for Continua Low Power Radio Selection “). But I had still anticipated some serious technical debates and self-evaluations. Now I look back my Barcelona trip. The turn-out was somewhat surprising. Also surprising is the quiet media afterward. If we exclude Nick’s post, there has been no press release, report or blog describing the event.

The rest of this interesting blog entry on the Continua Health Alliance summit is available here.

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