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3 Examples of How Demand Response Is Morphing as a Grid Resource

As utilities and grid operators face new flexibility challenges, demand response is more important than ever. Applications for demand-side resources are evolving as a result.

There are a handful of themes emerging from the industry worth exploring: a strong focus on customer engagement; a growing array of demand response resources; an increased focus on non-wires alternatives to infrastructure; and the slow progress when turning pilots into commercial programs.

A community of thought leaders, utilities, consultants and vendors in demand response came together last week at the Peak Load Management Alliance conference last week to talk through some of those themes. Below, we offer some insight into how different players are grappling with them.

Success through customer engagement

Utilities have traditionally designed programs based on available technology, but customers are demanding more focus on solutions. Utilities attending the PLMA conference emphasized that customer engagement is critical for successful program deployment, with a big push on marketing for customer acquisition and retention.

PowerHours, a bring-your-own-thermostat program developed by AEP Public Service of Oklahoma (PSO), is an example of the evolution from pilot to program.

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