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Top 10 Trends for the Smart Grid in 2010, Courtesy of Ray Bell

Predicting the next 12 months is both unavoidable and irresistible at this time of year, so here are best guesses for what’s in store for the Smart Grid in 2010:

1) We’ll Mark Significant “Phase Two” Milestones: The first phase of the smart grid was about defining it — and it took nearly a decade for utilities (and vendors) to articulate a vision and blueprint for such a complex undertaking. Now that we’re there, it’s time to start making this vision concrete. Phase Two is about building out the smart grid, and I believe that 2010 will be a milestone year for progress in this regard. One important measure of our progress will be the number of newly connected homes and businesses by the end of next year. (By the way, Phase Three is about living in the smart grid –- and still in the distant future.)

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